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At CTS Group and Caribbean Trading & Supply,

our reputation precedes us.


We have a wide range of high-quality, service-oriented general, maintenance and safety products and services. Motor equipment, industrial maritime products, in addition to having extensive experience in handling supplies and complete catering service.

Food supplies

Establishing international working relationships with ships and their crews has allowed us to quickly learn and adapt to the preferences of work teams and what they require for the successful operation of ships and companies, so we can easily cater to your specific requests and offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry supplies to meet quality expectations for the cargo, marine, cruise and offshore industries.

  • Food (meat, poultry, fish, dry food, vegetables, fruits, juices, soft drinks, confectionery, among others).
  • Mineral water supply.
  • Transportation of provisions.
  • Potable water supply.
  • Warehouses.
  • Bedroom lingerie.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • General cleaning items such as: chlorine, solvents and multipurpose, degreaser, floor covering, buckets, garbage bags.
  • Washing machines.
  • Multiple cleaners.
  • Napkins.
  • Heaters.
  • Among others.

Consumables and Tools

We are recognized for our ability to deliver quickly, especially at critical times. We pride ourselves on our success and high quality in supplying machine room, bridge and deck equipment at competitive prices. Dealing directly with marine and chandlery manufacturers means that we can guarantee the best quality and the best prices.

  • Hardware supplies in general: such as abrasive discs, wicks, hardware, wire brushes, glues, silicones, petroleum jelly, belzona, flat brushes and dog paws, master key padlocks, Teflon, electrodes, funnels, stick-type circular brushes, clamps , o-ring kit, punches, hammers, gaskets and seals in general.
  • Lubricants, oil, air and fuel filters.
  • Spare Parts Transportation.
  • Pilot Service.
  • Fumigation service.
  • Garbage Discharge.
  • Ship Cleaning.


The scope of our service is differentiated by not being limited to the preparation and presentation of food, but rather encompasses the complete supply of supplies and personnel necessary to attend and provide food served instantly or packaged for lines of work, subsidiaries or internal dining rooms.

We have nutritionists ready to prepare and plan mass consumption services, supplying food combinations adjusted to the nutritional options of a suggested menu or providing by CTS.

This is a stable and long-term catering service that meets the needs of any company by complementing its corporate functions.

Our catering service includes everything necessary for the presentation of ready-to-eat food. We have a personal delivery service at the door of your company.

We manage you based on semi-annual or annual contracts and we provide a stable long-term catering service, where we cover the nutritional needs of your company.

Office Supplies – Miscellaneous

At Caribbean Trading Supply, our reputation precedes us as we are recognized as a company that supplies a wide variety of products.

Stationery and Office
Paper and envelopes of different sizes: folders, pens, pencils, erasers, printer consumables, office furniture, markers, sharpeners, exact, adhesive tapes, computer equipment, brushes, scissors, among others.

Sterilized rags, anti-spill cloths, containers, anti-sparks, universal absorption particles. 118v and 220v appliances, gloves, pans and pots, knives, cutlery, plates, cups and glasses, tableware, serving utensils, bedding, pillows, laundry accessories, towels, table linen, curtains.

Caribbean Trading & Supply

It belongs to a holding where we can offer our clients all the services in the oil shipping area.


Caribbean Trading & Supply – Shipchandler & Catering

Caribbean Trading & Supply is a Maracaibo based shipchandler who has been in business for many  years. Our staff is trained and ready to assist you in the provision of supplies, supplies and services in the shipping-oil sector. We serve your needs in ports and terminals where you require assistance to your vessels.

We are recognized

like a shipping company

offering a wide variety

of products.

  • Address:

    Street 13C Av. 16C and 16 Sector Guajira No. 13C – 259 postal code 4005., Zulia – Venezuela
  • Phone:

    +58 412 2687915
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